See it. Practice it. Learn it.

Transforming abstract knowledge into real-world results.



Acquire foundation.

Using your content or SalesFitness, our exclusive sales training curriculum, your team learns from bite-sized “learning nuggets”.  Short learning modules are easily grasped, improve engagement, and help avoid information overload. Bite sized is the right size to make training stick!



Build competence.

Team members record themselves practicing the skill they are developing using the camera on their mobile device. Since they know they will be sharing their video, most people make multiple attempts before they feel ready to share. In fact, SkillFitness users practice an average of six times before sharing their best attempt. And practice creates mastery!



Get feedback.

Team members use SkillFitness’ built-in social platform to get feedback and coaching from peers, coaches and managers.   Peer-to-peer sharing and feedback is proven to be one of the most effective ways to increase learning and personal development.



Demonstrate mastery.

Coaches and leaders can quickly measure team engagement and mastery with executive dashboards and real-time reporting. SkillFitness also includes leaderboards, badging and award points to foster healthy competition, demonstrate progress, and increase engagement.


Designed for results…and ease of use.

Easy to Deploy, Easy to Use

Designed as a native-mobile app, SkillFitness works the way your users expect. They just download Apple or Android app to get started. Nothing to learn except new skills.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Train and coach anytime, anywhere on any Apple or Android mobile device.  Fit learning and coaching into already busy schedules.

Built to Encourage Engagement

Drive participation and engagement by energizing users through coaching, peer-to-peer sharing and games.


Driven by powerful learning management tools.

Simple Content Creation

Use new or existing video to create “learning nuggets”.  Add skill modules, custom exercises, and links to quizzes and other supporting materials.

Easy Learning Management

Manage users, content and curriculum from a simple, centralized, web-based administration manager. 

Real-Time Reporting

View status for each trainee – including progress on exercises, feedback requested and given, and points rewarded.  Verify coach participation and quality of feedback. 

SkillFitness turns any Apple or Android smartphone or tablet into a powerful social learning and coaching platform.

No long-term contracts. No hidden costs. No reason not to get started today.

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