Boost Learning Retention

Increase adsorption and retention of information.

Leverage the impact of role-play, practice, sharing and feedback. Easily link to documents, quizzes and other supporting material to provide more information or test for knowledge. SkillFitness users practice an average of six times before recording a video for sharing – and practice drives retention.


Drive Learner Engagement

Energize learners through coaching, sharing and games.

Learners can get and give feedback from peers, coaches and managers. Reward trainee engagement points, badges and other rewards through our powerful gamification tools. Create a new curriculum or add SkillFitness social learning to existing training classes, videos or events. Easy tablet and smartphone access encourages anytime, anywhere learning and fits learning and coaching into busy schedules.


Meet Millennial Learning Needs

Add Millennial-friendly social learning to new and existing programs.

 Teach Millennials the way they want to learn – and learn best: through video, social sharing and on their mobile devices. Millennials value training and continuing development – if it fits their needs and expectations. Turn how you train into an effective recruitment and retention tool.


Track & Verify  Compliance & Results

Measure engagement, performance and progress.

Manage content and track learning from a simple, web-based administration manager. View real-time reporting status for each trainee, manager and team. Certify compliance and mastery of regulatory messaging and processes. Coaches and managers can visually validate the skill level and product knowledge of employees that spend a lot of time out in the field.


Improve Training ROI

Provide more cost-effective options.

Reduce travel and event expenses.  Use virtual training to replace or supplement expensive events.  Provide pre- and post-event training to make the events you do hold even more effective.  Keep your trainees productive and in the field while they are learning.


No long-term contracts. No hidden costs. No reason not to get started today.

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