From pre-season ticket sales to sponsorships to game day service,  SkillFitness makes your training stick.


Sports marketers have one of the toughest jobs on the team.

Now it just got easier with SkillFitness.

SkillFitness provides just-in-time learning for your sales people, sales trainees, event-day staff – anyone you depend on to sell tickets, interact with your team’s fans or market your venue.

Using SkillFitness, your sales team learns the way they want to learn – and learn best: Through video, through social sharing and feedback, and on their mobile devices.

Use SkillFitness to hone sales skills, build confidence, cut on-boarding time, and boost up-selling.

Schedule your free demo and see for yourself how SkillFitness can:

Increase performance by sharing best practices.

Boost training effectiveness through practice, sharing and feedback.

Drive engagement by energizing learners through coaching, sharing and games.

Easily create customized training for special events.


How SkillFitness works.



Watch bite-sized video learning nuggets. Learn best practices and skills from your in-house experts or our content partners.


Practice and hone skills by capturing self videos on Apple or Android smartphones or tablets.


Share practice videos with peers or managers to get feedback and support to improve performance.


Earn and award points and rewards, encouraging engagement and healthy competition.

Boost engagement, productivity and effectiveness.

Ticket, Season Pass & Venue Sales

Use the power of social learning to motivate your sales team and pass on the knowledge of your best sales people.  For example, Major League Soccer uses SkillFitness to leverage the vast experience and sales expertise of the league’s Chief Ticketing Officers to train and motivate rookie sales people.

Sports Management Education & Training

Teaching Millennials to sell can be a challenge.  SkillFitness teaches students in the way they want to learn – transforming their mobile devices into powerful training tools. Here’s how the University of South Florida uses SkillFitness to develop sales skills in MBA students in their Sport and Entertainment Management program.

Game-Day & Event Management

Provide just-in-time training and tips for event-day staff or anyone who interacts with visitors, guests and fans.  SkillFitness’ easy-to-use interface lets you create and distribute training in minutes to meet the unique challenges of any special event.


Proven by Sales, Marketing and Service teams at...


Designed for results…and ease of use.

Easy to Deploy, Easy to Use

Native-mobile app. Works the way your users expect. Just download Apple or Android app to get started. Nothing to learn except new skills.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Train and coach anytime, anywhere on any Apple or Android mobile device. Fit learning and coaching into already busy schedules.

Built to Encourage Engagement

Drive participation and engagement by energizing users through coaching, peer-to-peer sharing and games.

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