Improve Customer Facing Skills

Transform your service reps into brand champions,  able to influence and interact with customers effectively.

Communicate and rehearse consistent, brand-right messaging. Quickly educate and train on changing regulatory, environmental or business requirements and how to communicate them to customers. SkillFitness provides a safe environment for service reps to practice common customer interactions.

Strengthen Sales & Revenue Generating Skills

Grow Service revenue thorough improved upselling, cross-selling and renewals.

Role play and rehearse value propositions, closing techniques, objection handling and pricing discussions. Link to key documents, presentations and support materials so service reps know what tools are available and practice using them. Use SkillFitness as your platform for Sales and Marketing to deliver relevant, field-oriented training and coaching.


Rapidly On-Board New Hires

Reduce time to productivity and bring service reps up to speed quickly.

Deliver coaching from managers and peers. Communicate and share best practices and hard-won experience. Review documents, policies and procedures. Ensure service reps understand them and can explain them to customers. Monitor engagement; assess and certify competency and skill level. Know when service reps are ready to go into the field with the technical and customer relationship skills they need to be successful.


Speed New Product Introductions & Feature Rollouts

Ensure successful new product and feature support.

Certify your service and distribution network’s ability to support rollouts. Share and train for emerging or unforeseen service and support issues in real time. Support channel service partners with engaging training that stands out from the pack…and doesn’t require any new investment or infrastructure.


Increase Training ROI

Cut training & travel expense.

Reduce travel and training expenses. Deliver training at the point of need.  Tap the knowledge of your technical experts and troubleshooters without bringing them on site.  Keep your people productive and in the field while they are learning.


No long-term contracts. No hidden costs. No reason not to get started today.


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