Speed Onboarding

Get new employees up-to-speed quickly.

Communicate and share the best practices and hard-won experience of your top performers.  Role play and rehearse common customer questions and scenarios. Ensure consistent, brand-right messaging; practiced until it is delivered professionally. SkillFitness customers have reduced ramp up time by up to 80%.


Increase Engagement

Energize learners through coaching, sharing and games.

Deliver training in bite-sized, easily adsorbed nuggets. Provide coaching from managers and peers. Video sharing encourages practice, and practice develops skills. Motivate and encourage healthy competition with our powerful gamification tools. 


Meet Generational Learning Styles

Train teens and young adults in the way they want to learn.

Many retail and seasonal jobs are filled by younger workers. Teach them in way they want to learn – and learn best: through video, social sharing, and anytime, anywhere access on their mobile devices.  Transform how you train into a powerful recruitment and retention tool.


Deploy Quickly & Easily

No new infrastructure, just use your employees’ mobile devices.

SkillFitness is built for ease of use. Designed as a native Apple or Android app, it works just like employees expect.  They just download the app and get started.  Nothing to learn…except new skills.

No long-term contracts. No hidden costs. No reason not to get started today.

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