Deliver Consistent Messaging

Practice and perfect approved messages and procedures.

Communicate, practice and verify compliance around consistent messages and approved processes and procedures. Share information and train on competitive responses, market developments, product recalls or other business issues in real time.  Provide a platform for legal, compliance, and subject matter experts to deliver relevant, field-oriented messaging, training and coaching.


Increase Engagement & Retention

Energize learners through coaching, sharing and games.

Employees often don’t particularly care about compliance related issues.  SkillFitness is designed to make learning engaging, relevant and fun. Deliver learning in bite-sized video nuggets to increase retention.  Use manager and peer-to-per coaching to improve engagement and skill development. Leverage our powerful gamification tools to introduce healthy competition. Plus our anytime, anywhere access fits training and coaching into already busy schedules.


Verify Participation & Mastery

Certify participation, progress and completion.

Manage content and track learning from a simple, web-based administration manager. View real-time reporting status for each trainee, manager and team. Track engagement, performance, progress and completion. Certify delivery and mastery of required messaging and processes.


Deploy Quickly and Easily

Take control of training – even under tight timetables.

Mandated, compliance or event-driven training programs often come with very tight delivery schedules.  When response time is critical, our easy-to-use SkillFitness platform can deployed in hours or days, not weeks or months, using the infrastructure you already have in place – your employees’ mobile devices.


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