The 3 "Must Have" Strategies for Recruiting, Training and Retaining Great Millennial Employees

The Millennial generation is the new majority in the workforce.

And they are changing the way we work, teach and learn.

Is your onboarding program keeping up with them?

The last thing you want to engage this tech savvy, connected generation is to make their first impression of your organization a lecture, binder or textbook.  Millennials demand more.

This practical guide will show you how to create  an effective, engaging, easy-to-implement onboarding program for your Millennial new hires.

In this eBook you will learn:

  • The three “must have” strategies for successfully onboarding Millennials;
  • What drives Millennials to join and to stay with an organization, and how onboarding can be a strategic tool for recruiting and retaining the best employees;
  • Why coaching is critical to onboarding Millennials and how to fit it into already busy schedules;
  • How to design and scale an onboarding program for today’s geographically dispersed, fluid, project-based teams and organizations;
  • How the principles behind onboarding Millennials will improve your new hire onboarding program for everyone in the organization.

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