MINNEAPOLIS, MN (July 20, 2015) – SkillFitness, LLC today announced its mobile development, coaching, and team engagement platform is now available on Google PlayTM for devices using the AndroidTM operating system. The app is currently available on iTunes® for iPad® and iPhone®. Adding the Android operating system to the SkillFitnessTM solution nearly doubles the total available market of smartphones; a recent report from Kantar World Panel indicates Android holds a 47.7% market share and iOS holds 47.6%.

Bill Young, President and co-founder of SkillFitness, LLC says, Expanding the availability of the SkillFitness platform to Android operating systems allows companies with a bring your own device policy to leverage our app with their content it will no longer matter which product or operating system a team member has in their possession. Companies which want to improve their staffs leadership, communication, sales, or other skills can focus more on content and engagement, and less on the device requirements.

Adds Peder Jacobsen, Vice President of Learning at BI Worldwide (a strategic business partner of the company), Its imperative that our clients employees can access the SkillFitness solution on whichever mobile device they prefer. They can now practice skills to build competencies and the convenience is outstanding.” 

Wilson Garland, Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Product Innovation expanded on the companys judicious growth. We knew from the beginning that we wanted to grow organically with an effective platform we believed in, and could pilot first with the iPad, then the iPhone and now Android devices. Components of the SkillFitness app learning, practicing, recording video, coaching, rewarding, etc. will function comparatively across all devices.

The SkillFitness app transforms training from an ineffective, antiquated classroom ritual to a management tool that fits the circadian rhythm of a distinct business real behavioral change can be seen and measured. It enables both managers and staff to be more accountable for their success by presenting a fun, useful way to collaborate and compete.

About the SkillFitness Solution

The multi-award-winning SkillFitnessTM app leverages the latest in mobile technology to deliver an innovative training and team engagement solution by integrating tools such as two-way video, social learning models, and game-like mechanisms for motivation and sharing. It gives organizations a better way to ensure employees have mastered key skills, product knowledge, and messages while improving engagement and performance. Managers and peers can also provide coaching and feedback in a way that gives them the ability to share wins, expertise, and best practices. 

SkillFitness is an enterprise-only skills and product training solution. It received finalist recognition at the 2014 MobCon and a coveted Vision Award at the 2015 Technology Services Industry Association Service Revolutions competition.

About SkillFitness

Inventors and entrepreneurs Bill Young and Wilson Garland co-founded SkillFitness in 2013 with a two-fold vision:

Harness mobile technology to create a new learning and communication solution to improve performance and engagement.” 

Help professionals reach their full potential through training, collaboration, and self-discovery.

Youngs and Garlands 50 years of combined expertise in sales, learning, marketing and product development was developed at organizations such as IBM, 3M, NCS, Capella University, and J. Walter Thompson. Their commitment to human potential and innovative applications of technology contributed to a strong team-based culture of innovation, creativity, integrity and the pursuit of excellence.


For further information:

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