BI WORLDWIDE (BIW), a recognized leader in employee engagement, announced that it is now reselling the SkillFitness video practice platform to complement their Chameleon 2.0 custom eLearning offering.

SkillFitness is a mobile practice platform used to reinforce skills and knowledge. It leverages the latest in mobile technology to build an innovative practice and field training solution. By integrating tools such as two-way asynchronous video, social learning models and gamification, SkillFitness gives employees a better way to practice.

Chameleon 2.0 eLearning is custom-developed learning from BIW that plays on any device, allows clients to maintain their own courseware and supports rapid translation through the cloud-based translation editor.

“Corporate training departments and the training industry at large generally do a solid job of teaching knowledge. However, they generally do a poor job of skills development,” said Peder Jacobson, Vice President of Learning at BI WORLDWIDE. “One core reason is that learners hate to practice. The SkillFitness platform overcomes barriers by allowing reps to practice in the privacy of their home and office – then get expert feedback remotely. The platform then uses gamification to drive participation.”

Adding SkillFitness to Chameleon 2.0 eLearning creates a powerful learning, engagement and skills solution. Learning engagement, peer interaction and performance all improve through direct coaching and the ability to share wins, expertise and best practices. Ongoing virtual role-playing results in better retention, proven skills development and energized learners.

“We’re delighted to bring BIW onboard as our first global reseller,” said Bill Young, Founder and CEO of SkillFitness. “We’re especially impressed with how well SkillFitness works with BIW’s Chameleon 2.0 custom eLearning to deliver a complete training and skill-building solution. By starting with Chameleon’s rich, interactive eLearning and then adding SkillFitness as a practice platform, organizations can increase reach, retention and associated skills development; all in an easy to use, mobile environment.” 

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About SkillFitness
Inventors Bill Young and Wilson Garland co-founded SkillFitness  with a vision: harness mobile technology to create a new learning and communication solution to improve field and customer engagement, thereby helping professionals reach their full potential through training, collaboration, and self-discovery. Their 50 years of combined expertise in sales, learning, marketing and product development was developed at such firms as IBM, 3M, Capella University, and J. Walter Thompson. Their application of operational discipline and innovative approaches to SkillFitness has been developing a strong culture of success based on creativity, integrity and the pursuit of excellence.