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The new company name more accurately reflects a broader marketplace position in training, engagement, and learning across numerous industries and professional fields.

MINNEAPOLIS, MN (April 16, 2015) – As of March 1, the Minneapolis-based company previously known as SalesFitness, LLC is renamed SkillFitness. The name change is a direct result of a market opportunity that has emerged as companies and organizations outside the training and sales enablement industry are discovering the power of the award-winning mobile training, practice, and engagement platform.

The company was conceived on the idea that sales organizations needed a next generation learning and practice solution for their people to develop and succeed. Sales leaders and managers wanted a way to communicate key messages to their teams, train them in a way that fits the new mobile realities and validate the results of their efforts. The company’s founders quickly discovered that leaders in other professions – from healthcare to leadership – wished to achieve similar goals. 

Bill Young, President and co-founder of SkillFitness said, “As we began to gain exposure in the vast talent development and performance improvement community, we had people asking how they could adapt our video-based learning, practice, and coaching platform to their environment in a way that fits their mission and brand.” Wilson Garland, Chief Technology Officer and VP of Product Innovation added, “We quickly realized as we began to get traction with these other organizations that the original name was too limiting. By rebranding the company and our core platform as SkillFitness, we are well positioned to launch tailored products in all industries and segments where there is a need for our patent-pending social learning and practice solution.”

Employees of all types can practice and share their knowledge and skills using video in a manner that allows their managers to validate their learning. Users provide coaching and feedback in a fun environment, with points and badges to measure progress. Because the SkillFitness application is a customizable platform, organizations can leverage their existing content and experts and integrate it with other content management, learning, or performance management systems.

The company will continue to function under its current structure, location and operations. 

About the SkillFitness™ Solution
The award-winning SkillFitness platform leverages the latest in mobile technology to deliver an innovative training and team engagement solution by integrating tools such as two-way video, social learning models, and game-like mechanisms for motivation and sharing. It gives organizations a better way to ensure employees have mastered key skills, product knowledge, and messages while improving engagement and performance. Managers and peers can also provide coaching and feedback in a way that gives them the ability to share wins, expertise, and best practices.

SkillFitness is currently an enterprise only mobile sales and product training solution; it is not available for individual purchase.

Watch this video demonstration to see how the app works in a practical situation.
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About SkillFitness™
Inventors and entrepreneurs Bill Young and Wilson Garland co-founded SkillFitness in 2013 with a two-fold vision:

Harness mobile technology to create a new learning and communication solution to improve performance and engagement.”

“Help professionals reach their full potential through training, collaboration, and self-discovery.

Young and Garland’s 50 years of combined expertise in sales, learning, marketing and product development was developed at organizations such as IBM, 3M, NCS, Capella University, and J. Walter Thompson. Their commitment to human potential and innovative applications of technology contributed to a strong team-based culture of innovation, creativity, integrity and the pursuit of excellence.

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