SAINT PAUL, MN (December 23, 2014) – SalesFitness, LLC today announced its mobile, scenario-based, e-learning and team engagement platform earned 2nd place among 8 “MobDemo” finalists at this year’s MobCon in Minneapolis, MN. The conference hosted more than 50 speakers and 700 attendees; the top 3 app concepts (MobDemos) were awarded a total of $50,000.

The SalesFitness® platform is cloud-based and leverages the latest in mobile technology to build an innovative training and field communication solution; by integrating tools such as two- way video, social learning models and game-like mechanisms for motivation and sharing, it gives employers a better way to achieve success. SalesFitness improves engagement, peer interaction and performance through direct coaching and the ability to share wins, expertise, and best practices.

Bill Young, President and co-founder of SalesFitness, LLC says, “Participating at MobCon, presenting a demonstration of our app platform and being recognized by these evolutionary thought leaders in mobile technology was a proud moment in the early launch of our product. We aim to transform training from an ineffective, antiquated classroom ritual to something that aligns the circadian rhythm of a distinct business – where real behavioral change can be seen and measured. The SalesFitness app enables both sales managers and staff to be more accountable for their success by giving them a fun way to collaborate, compete, recognize wins and share best practices.”

The benefits for employers to use SalesFitness are substantial. Research shows as much as 84% of knowledge gained will be lost in the first 90 days of learning, largely because there is no “after-care” solution. SalesFitness presents customized training and marketing content that is created and mapped for the needs of the organization, and the learning happens in the context of its culture and goals. For the first time, a company can portray content, assess real-time evidence of progress and provide meaningful feedback within the normal rhythm of its business to improve performance.

“SalesFitness” is currently an enterprise only mobile sales and product training solution; it is not available for individual purchase. Currently, the platform is available exclusively for the iPad®, with an iPhone version expected in early 2015.