Edina Realty Title Scales Role Play Training for New Title Closers


Edina Realty Title is the largest full service title company in the Midwest. Owned by HomeServices of America, Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway affiliate, Edina Realty Title operates 20 title closing centers in Minnesota and western Wisconsin.

Title closers are at the heart of the title process, they are real estate professionals who oversee finalizing the sale of a property and transferring the title from the seller to the buyer.  These trained service professionals complete a variety of closing actions such as reviewing contracts, explaining costs of loans, appraisals and titles; and processing documents such as contracts, deeds, mortgages and insurance policies required to close the sale.


The company needed an engaging, self-study, scalable role play and education solution that would appeal across a diverse population of processors and other candidates.


SkillFitness provides a video learning platform with custom content, on a mobile app, that is consumable one module at a time.  Trainees can use the mobile app to work through the modules anytime and anywhere at their own pace.  They get consistent and quick feedback from coaches and can go back to review and practice their skills for any particular module. 


An experienced group of four title closers and four managers worked with SkillFitness to design and produce nine learning modules.  Videos use current Edina Realty Title team members to deliver the learning so trainees are learning from their peers.


The self-paced training cycle has been reduced from three to four months to four weeks. 

Trainees enjoy learning from their peers, sharing their attempts, receiving quick feedback and returning to the app for more practice when they chose. Using their smartphones enabled new title closers to practice whenever they wanted.  And they all quickly realized that the more they practiced the better they got.

SkillFitness is used as a recruiting tool, showing applicants the type of training they will get if they decide to join the company.

Deb Stumne, Vice President Closing said she hopes to expand SkillFitness training to other title closing groups within Berkshire Hathaway and to utilize the program within Edina Realty.