Here’s how top authors, coaches and consultants build their businesses with SkillFitness.

If you’re an author, speaker, consultant or seminar leader, you’ve built a business around sharing your unique knowledge and point-of-view. But how effective is your audience in taking that knowledge and creating real-world, lasting results?

From Learners to Loyal Customers

SkillFitness is designed to help your audience absorb your content and then rapidly transform what they’ve learned into ingrained, actionable skills. It’s called rapid skill development. And it produces real-world results, more effective learning and loyal customers.

Finally, A Way to Scale Coaching

Books, speeches and seminars are only the first step in delivering your message. Increase your impact – and revenue – through offering follow-up coaching and mentoring programs powered by the SkillFitness platform.  Combine your content, your brand and the SkillFitness social learning platform to easily and quickly create new coaching, mastermind and mentoring products. Only SkillFitness lets you reach your audience with the impact and intimacy of one-to-one coaching, yet can be easily scaled to dozens or even thousands of participants.  

Create New Products &  Revenue Streams

Leverage your existing content or create new content in bite-sized video nuggets. Then use the SkillFitness platform  to power coaching sessions, mastermind groups or one-on-one mentoring. You can easily deploy and manage SkillFitness using our web-based administration manager.

Train Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere

Our powerful social learning platform teaches people the way they want to learn – and learn best: on their mobile devices, through video, social sharing and feedback. The intuitive SkillFitness mobile training app turns any Apple or Android tablet or smartphone into a powerful social learning and coaching platform. Your audience just downloads the app and they’re ready to learn!

Connect & Coach

Your trainees practice and capture self-videos to hone skills and master techniques. Then they share their self-videos with their peers, you or your coaching team for feedback.  The anytime-anywhere SkillFitness platform enables trainees, you and your team to fit coaching into busy schedules. Plus you can reward participant engagement with our powerful gamification tools.

Build Your Business & Brand

Build and connect with your audience through the power of social learning. Build strong relationships with the organizations you serve by providing ongoing coaching and mentoring programs. Build your business with new coaching and mentoring products and services. You know how to engage an audience; now offer them a path to keep that energy and excitement alive after your event. 


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Here's how select content partners leverage the SkillFitness platform.



BI Worldwide (BIW), a leader in employee engagement, offers the SkillFitness video practice platform to complement their Chameleon 2.0 custom eLearning offering. Chameleon 2.0 eLearning is  a custom-developed learning platform from BIW that plays on any device, allows clients to maintain their own courseware and supports rapid translation through a cloud-based translation editor. Adding SkillFitness to Chameleon 2.0 eLearning creates a powerful learning, engagement and skills solution. Learning engagement, peer interaction and performance all improve through direct coaching and the ability to share wins, expertise and best practices. Ongoing virtual role-playing results in better retention, proven skills development and energized learners. Learn more about the SkillFitness and BI partnership.


Leadership Ecademy partners with SkillFitness to deliver a unique leadership development and coaching solution to the armed forces and government clients. Powered by the SkillFitness platform, the integrated solution includes virtual role play and reflective exercise to better develop leadership competencies. Leadership Ecademy content is delivered via a traditional instructor-led environment or remotely via a live instructor-led virtual classroom. Using the SkillFitness platform, exercises are assigned and evaluated by a coach to ensure that students have mastered the concepts and can apply them in their own organizational environment. Learn more about how Leadership Ecademy uses SkillFitness.


The Asking Formula, created by John Baker, teaches participants a six-step repeatable process they can apply in professional and personal situations to “ask for what they want… and get it.” As COO for American Express and Ameriprise Financial, John has led global sales and service organizations. This experience, combined with his award winning books, has made him one of the most sought-after sales speakers, delivering programs and keynote addresses across the United States, Europe, Australia, China and Singapore. The Asking Formula mobile training solution, called AskU, is now available on the SkillFitness platform. Learn more about The Asking Formula.


SalesFitness Tribe provides sales training and coaching.  Their SalesFitness Tribe product, powered by SkillFitness, provides eight weeks of follow-up mobile coaching and reinforcement of their instructor-led programs and consulting work. That ensures skills and behaviors are engrained and utilized through reinforcement while building clients’ skills, confidence and focus.   Read our case study on how SalesFitness Tribe builds new coaching products using SkillFitness.


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