Boosting sales productivity is the number one daily challenge for most sales teams, but mobile technology can help.

SkillFitness can show you how.

SkillFitness, a mobile-centric platform for skills development, recently released a new e-book “Increasing Sales Productivity: Leveraging Mobile Technology to Improve Results”.

“We’ve found three areas where sales managers can greatly improve their teams productivity, “ said Bill Young, president of SkillFitness and a former senior sales executive with more than 20 years of experience at companies such as IBM, National Computer Systems, and Capella Education Company. “They include improving the speed of ramping up new sales people, increasing the effectiveness of experienced sales people, and managing turnover to keep high performers on the team.”

Bill added that mobile learning platforms such as SkillFitness can help improve sales productivity by providing a structured approach to the challenge, while delivering training in a format preferred by most Millennial-generation sales people: on-demand, 24/7, and via social learning on their mobile devices.

“We work with a lot of large clients in highly competitive industries. They need to get people up-to-speed and productive quickly,” Bill said. “One of our clients reduced training time for newly promoted customer-facing employees from more than a month to five days – that’s almost an 80% improvement. We decided to distill what we’ve learned from our customers into this e-book so everyone could benefit from their experience.”

Download your free copy of “Increasing Sales Productivity” here.