Millennials are the new majority in the workforce.

Is your onboarding program ready for them?

Because boring lectures, endless policy presentations and thick binders of new hire information won’t cut it with this connected, mobile generation.

Despite their numbers, 53% of hiring managers say it is tough to find and recruit new Millennial employees. And once recruited, they can he hard to retain; 58% of Millennials say they’ll leave their current job within the next three years.

Research shows some 47% of turnover happens in the first 90 days on the job, with new employees deciding if their new company is the right fit for them in their first three weeks.

That makes successful onboarding is a key strategy for attracting and keeping Millennial employees.

We’ve gathered the best we’ve learned working with our customers on designing onboarding programs into a free new e-book: Onboarding Millennials: How to Recruit, Train and Retain Great Millennial New Hires.

In the e-book you’ll learn:

  • The 3 “Must Have” strategies for successfully onboarding Millennials;
  • Why coaching is so important to Millennials and how to scale coaching to fit into already busy schedules;
  • Why Millennials choose one company over another and how you can use your onboarding program to swing that decision to your company;
  • How the tips and techniques that make for a successful onboarding program for Millennials also can improve onboarding for everyone joining your organization.

The e-book is free, just click here to download your copy.


New E-Book!


The 3 "Must Have" Strategies for Recruiting, Training and Retaining Great Millennial New Hires

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