This is the third in our six-part series on using social learning and video role play to increase sales productivity.  In parts 1 and 2, we looked at the dramatic effect reducing ramp up time has on sales rep productivity. Now we’ll examine how these same mobile learning tools and techniques can make experienced, productive reps even more effective.

The challenge of maximizing sales productivity doesn’t end with the ramp-up period. Experienced reps need to be focused, continuously updated and motivated.

According to Salesforce, only 55% of companies have a formal sales training process. However, ongoing sales training can yield up to 50% higher net sales per rep. Sales teams need ongoing guidance, training and coaching to be effective and productive.   They need to be trained on what to say and how to say it, on the competitive landscape, on new products and product developments, and how to guide customers through the sales process.  This is supported by research by the Aberdeen Group, which showed companies focused on formal ongoing sales training lead non-adopters in team attainment of quota, customer retention, and the overall percentage of reps making quota.

Many of the advantages offered by mobile learning platforms that help speed ramp-up time also aid in keeping the sales force up-to-date, trained and motivated.  But these platforms also enable several techniques that are especially useful in increasing the effectiveness of experienced reps.

These techniques include sharing best practices among the sales team, helping sales managers coach more effectively, and improving communication between the sales and marketing functions.  Let’s start by looking at the power of sharing best practices.

Research by Miller Heiman Group showed that on average 60.1% of companies revenue was generated by the top 20% of its sales people. This leaves the majority of your sales team with plenty of room for improvement.

With such a wide gap between top performers and the rest of the team, it is important for managers to encourage their star sales reps to collaborate and share their best practices.  Yet only 23.8% of companies have a formal process for doing this, according to the Miller Heiman Group.   But sharing best practices can have a huge impact on quota achievement. The Aberdeen Group found that sales teams that encourage the use of best practices doubled sales rep quota attainment to 82% compared to 39% for teams that did not.

Mobile learning platforms make sharing best practices, success stories and tricks of the trade easy.  You simply video your top performers role playing or explaining what they do best and the rest of the team practices, shares and comments on what they learned. High production quality video isn’t necessary. In fact, we’ve found informal videos are often considered more engaging and real by a generation that grew up on YouTube. 

Along with improving team productivity, best practice sharing has the advantage of encouraging sales teams to work with each other rather than against each other. And with many reps working remotely, they may feel disconnected from the team. Best practice sharing helps keep them engaged and informed.

Mobile learning platforms like SkillFitness not only make it easy for your reps to learn from each other, they also transform sales managers into more effective coaches. In our next post, we’ll look at how mobile technology can improve manager coaching skills.

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