Sales training and consulting is a cluttered market and Dennis Neitz knew he needed a way to stand out from the crowd.

Neitz is a Brian Tracy Certified Sales Success Trainer – one of a handful of select sales coaches certified by well-known motivational speaker and author Brian Tracy to present his programs around the country.  He had been experimenting with using SkillFitness as a means of delivering follow-up coaching for attendees of his Brian Tracy stand-up seminars.  Now he felt he needed to take the next step by developing his own content and brand.

So he created the SalesFitness Tribe.

The SalesFitness Tribe combines some of the principles of traditional sales training with Neitz’s many years of experience as a sales consultant and more than 20 years of sales and sale management experience.

The program includes a two-day seminar followed by eight weeks of weekly coaching sessions using the SkillFitness platform.

Neitz said he created the new SalesFitness Tribe program to meet the unique demands of his clients: small-to-medium-sized businesses.

“I found that they often just has one or two people selling but needed to learn much more than just sales process or closing techniques.” Neitz said. “They needed to be able to identify their ideal client, learn how to generate their own leads, how to build a traffic-funnel and then how to do a better job of selling and following up. So I built the program around the whole marketing and selling process.”

Coaching using the SalesFitness platform is an important part of serving his clients, Neitz said.

‘Most of my clients may be the only sales person in the organization or they may be the owner and do most of the selling themselves,” Neitz said. “Once they leave the seminar, they wouldn’t have a sales manager or more experienced person to turn to for coaching.  We fill that gap using SkillFitness.”

Neitz said he had developed another use for the SkillFitness platform: helping other organizational leaders develop a plan and commit to helping make the new sales-oriented organization successful.  For example, Neitz worked with a country club to improve their banquet and event sales.  Along with the coaching sessions, he worked with the general manager, golf course manager, banquet manager and sales team to develop a 90-day play with three-to-five goals for achieving the plan.

“We call it ‘Feedback Friday’,” Neitz said. “We use the SkillFitness platform every Friday and have everyone report on their progress and make sure everyone is on the same page. Accountability is the key to driving goals.”

Neitz said that having people video their progress report and then share it with the team for feedback keeps everyone engaged and honest about their progress. Neitz also will help them work together to create new and updated 90-day goals throughout the year.

“I don’t just want to deliver information,” Neitz said. “I want people to transform. The need the basic information, then they need someone to work with them to develop the skills and a team to hold them accountable. That’s how you create real change.”

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