Interesting new Internet Trends report from KCPB by Mary Meeker.   The report shows that tablets are on a growth trajectory faster than PC’s and Laptop’s.  52% growth in 2013.  There are many reasons for the growth but clearly tablets are emerging as the tool of choice for sales.


A mobile workforce needs the appropriate mobile device.  The Smartphone is more prevalent but the relative small screen size makes it often unsuitable as a sales training solution.  Exciting new uses of video technology, like two-way asynchronous video streaming for training and coaching application are moving companies to the larger screen size of the tablet for sales training.

View KPCB Internet Trends Report for 2014

By Bill Young

Bill Young is cofounder and president of SkillFitness. He credits his involvement with the CrossFit workout program for inspiring many of the concepts regarding practice, motivation and rapid skill development that led to SkillFitness.

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