Committed to next generation learning and practice solutions.


The company was conceived on the idea that sales organizations needed a next generation learning and practice solution for their people to develop and drive measurable business results. Sales leaders wanted a way to communicate key messages to their teams, train them in a way that fits the new mobile realities, and validate the results of their efforts. The company’s founders quickly discovered that leaders in other professions – from healthcare to leadership – wished to achieve similar goals.

The founder’s 50 years of combined expertise in sales, learning, marketing and product development was developed at organizations such as IBM, 3M, NCS, Capella University, and J. Walter Thompson. Their commitment to human potential and innovative applications of technology contributed to a strong team-based culture of innovation, creativity, integrity and the pursuit of excellence.



“Harness mobile technology to create a new learning and communication solution to improve performance and engagement.”

“Help professionals reach their full potential through training, collaboration, and self-discovery.”



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